COVID-19 Protocol Updates - 6/28/2021

COVID-19 Protocol Updates - 6/28/2021

Author: kj
June 28, 2021

Indoor, in-person worship will no longer require masks to be worn by those who are fully vaccinated. 

If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask during worship.
You do not need to sign up to attend worship.
Please do your best to continue to follow physical distancing guidelines by using the pews labeled for the service you are attending. 
There will be a section in the back of the Sanctuary for those who are more comfortable being around others who are wearing masks. 
Other than during worship, masks are not required to be worn.
If you see someone wearing a mask, please extend the courtesy of offering to wear your mask as you approach.
We will continue holding abbreviated services at 8:15 & 11am. 
At this time the nursery is not being re-opened, but children are always welcome in worship.
Children's programming: outdoors unmasked; indoors adults and children masked (Adults to be a good role model for the children). 
Groups meeting in the building through the week can make their own decisions about mask wearing.
Families will decide about masking for weddings/funerals.
At this time we will continue the policy of no funeral luncheons or events with eating/drinking indoors.


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