Stewardship 2024

Beloved Children of God,

Recently, visitors to MPC introduced themsel to me after worship. They liked the service (great!) and felt very welcomed by all they met (never a doubt!). But in the name of doing their due diligence, they told me they were going to look at other churches too.

Over the next few Sundays, I kept an eye out for them. I was delighted when after a few Sundays they returned! "Welcome back!" They grinned and said, "Thank you, after a few weeks trying other churches, we just looked at each other and said let's go back to MPC! There's just so much LIFE here!"

They're right! Whether it's the vibrant worship services, the safe space for teens in our BOW program, the "joyful noise" of our music choirs, the buzz of community gathered at Tuesday Nights @ MPC, or the organization and commitment to countless mission and ministry opportunities - MPC is full of LIFE!

Today, we are asking for you to prayerfully consider what part of your LIFE you would like to devote to God through your involvement with MPC.

LIFE stands for: Labor, Imagination, Finance, & Experience.

Those visitors I wrote about earlier are now new members. They have committed to bringing their LIFE to the LIFE of MPC. Now, the invitation is extended to you! Please return your pledge cards by December 3 OR you can fill it out online by clicking on this link.

It is an exciting time to be part of the LIFE of MPC!!!

Peace be with you,
Pastor Kathryn Johnston


What is the purpose of a pledge to the church?

We provide our pledges so that MPC can properly plan the 2024 budget.

Why should I make a pledge to MPC?

We make our pledge for 2024 with grateful hearts for God's boundless generosity and as an expression of Christian stewardship. A pledge is a commitment to Christ's church and its ministry here at Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church.

How do I make a pledge for 2024?

You may make your pledge online or you may fill out a card and drop it in the offering plates on Sunday mornings or bring it to the office during the week.

Click Here to Fill out a Pledge Card

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