Stewardship 2023

Beloved Children of God,

*The last Sunday of October we welcomed 9 new members into the fold.

*Last week a man paused by our Tree of Warmth, that’s placed outside of the Sanctuary, and put on a clean pair of socks before continuing on his journey.

*On the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays the halls are filled with the sounds of children singing.

These are just three examples of WHAT’S GOOD at MPC and we know you have your own answers to the question: Hey MPC, WHAT’S GOOD? We’d love to hear what they are.
The pledge card you’ll be receiving in the mail asks the question: MPC, WHAT’S GOOD?
            And we really want to know!

Giving to MPC is not about status. Or Penance. Or percentages. It’s simply about sustaining WHAT’S GOOD! Pastors preaching. Singers harmonizing. Children learning. Groups meeting. Coffee brewing. It’s ALL GOOD!

Obviously, there is no way we can perfectly predict the future (2020 anyone?), but knowing a little bit about what we can count on in 2023 will help us plan ahead for all that will answer the question: WHAT’S GOOD?

· WHAT’S GOOD?  How has God been good to you?
· Is your life enhanced by your MPC experience?
· Can you afford a regular contribution?
· The three-year commitment to the Capital Campaign is coming to an end. Could you add all or some of that payment to your 2023 pledge?

Thank YOU! For me, the answer to the question WHAT’S GOOD? Is YOU!

Peace be with you,
Pastor Kathryn Johnston

What is the purpose of a pledge to the church?

We provide our pledges so that we can properly plan our budget.

Why should I make a pledge to MPC?

We make our pledge for 2023 with grateful hearts for God's boundless generosity and as an expression of Christian stewardship. A pledge is a commitment to Christ's church and its ministry here at Mechanicsburg Presbyterian Church.

How do I make a pledge for 2023?

You may make your pledge online or you may fill out a card and drop it in the offering plates on Sunday mornings or bring it to the office during the week.

Click Here to Fill out a Pledge Card

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