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Sue Karakantas
Thank you for all the prayers for my family. My brother-in-law was discharged from the hospital and is much improved. Everyone else is slowly but steadily improving. Thanks be to God - and to all of you. With gratitude - Sue
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Sue Karakantas
Continued prayers for my family are appreciated. In Maryland my brother-in-law is hospitalized with COVID pneumonia. He is on oxygen, remdesivir & monoclonal antibodies. My sister is recovering at home but still in the thick of it. In Erie, My niece’s middle son - Nathan, age 14 - now has COVID. He and his parents have relatively mild symptoms. Thank you for your prayers.
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Prayers for Addison, 2 year old, with heart issues. She had heart surgery that didn’t correct her issues so she is having an internal pacemaker put in this week. She will be in the hospital for at least another week. Prayers also for her parents for peace and strength.
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Mary Hagen-Frederiksen
My friend Gary Fuchs (former MPC member?) is undergoing treatment for leukemia in NC.
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Katlyn Spangler
I’m requesting prayers for Adam’s dad, Dan Spangler, who is being evaluated for a suspicious mass in his cheek. We pray for relief from anxiety as they await test results, wisdom for the medical staff at Johns Hopkins, and that the mass is benign.
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Keni Melphis
Prayers requested for Vanessa, a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a young mother with two small children.
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