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Keni E Melphis
Please pray for my brother-in-law Bill. Last year he lost a kidney to cancer and has since found out the cancer has spread to his heart. He will be having more tests on Monday to determine a plan of action. Please also pray for my sister Kim who will be his caregiver.
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Linda Randall
Update on my caregiver Trisha Vajdic~ Trisha had a cat scan with contrast and received the results very quickly. Her PCP indicated that he thought it looked like lung cancer. This was confirmed when she had a video appointment with a thoracic surgeon on Friday. There are six masses between both lungs and even before biopsies are done he told her that it looks like advanced stage four lung cancer. Her family and friends are devastated. She stopped working with me on Friday and she has a whirlwind of appointments in the coming days. Her biopsies will occur on Wednesday. Please pray for Trisha and her family!
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Jan Burrows
Thank you for all of the prayers for my brother-in-law, Wayne. He is home from the hospital and slowly recovering from sepsis. Good is good.
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Cynthia Gorski
My friend Gem is struggling with never ending medical issues including cancer treatment. She is at the end of her rope mentally. Please pray for her healing both physically and emotionally. Pray for God’s healing blanket to wrap around her and bring her healing, comfort and hope.
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Linda Randall
My Health Caregiver Trisha has learned that she has a large mass in her right lung and a smaller mass in her left lung. She needs to undergo further diagnostic tests to determine if she has lung cancer. Please pray for her as she is my dear caregiver and I’m very concerned.
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I am I want you guys as my church to pray for my friend Gabby and her family because she has been through a lot and gone through a lot. And I want you to pray for my grandpa Pappy and his family... because I want this health be better.
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I want to let you all know that I am myself been through a lot and I want you all pray for me I’m 20 years old and I’m dealing with mental illness and I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing but days are rough sometimes and I just want prayer from all you guys that will help a lot.
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Jan Burrows
Please pray for my brother-in-law, Wayne, who has sepsis and is in ICU at Penn State Hampden Medical Center.
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UPDATE: Sadly, Sean has passed away. Please continue to keep Sean's family in your prayers. // Please pray for Sean (44 yrs old), from Utah, married with 3 sons (8-10-12 years). He was in a very serious mountain biking accident and is fighting for his life.
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Sue Karakantas
Anthony, my friend of 50 years, is battling his 4th cancer of his adult life. This time it’s thyroid cancer and it’s aggressive. He learned yesterday that recent surgery to remove his thyroid & lymph nodes did not get it all and he will be making a decision regarding next steps. Anthony is optimistic, having survived so much already and his faith is an inspiration. Prayers for this gentle soul are much appreciated. Thank you.
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Bonnie zink
My friend Rose is dealing with her 4th recurrence of cancer. Treatment options are limited at this time.
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Grace House
This is an update on my friend Nancy, - She saw the doctor on Thursday, and although she still has some infection in the fluid from her new drainage system, she is feeling a little stronger and is regaining somewhat of an appetite. The doctor ordered more antibiotics and two more weeks with the drainage system. As is so typical of Nancy, she said "Hey, that's okay - I'm used to this thingy". Please continue to keep her in your prayers. Prayerfully Grace House
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