Prayer Wall

Laura Martin
Prayers for my friend Dave, his family and his medical team as Dave receives a heart transplant as I type.
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Katlyn Spangler
I’m requesting prayers for Adam’s dad, Dan Spangler, who is being evaluated for a suspicious mass in his cheek. We pray for relief from anxiety as they await test results, wisdom for the medical staff at Johns Hopkins, and that the mass is benign.
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Karen Grable
I am requesting prayers for Josephine Grable who has suffered a stroke and is currently hospitalized at UPMC. The family is requesting prayers of peace and comfort for Jo. Thank you.
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Charlene is in rehab again with broken ribs and pneumonia. Following a fall from bed at home. She needs prayers to soon be able to move as she did before the fall.
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Keni Melphis
Prayers requested for Vanessa, a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a young mother with two small children.
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Kathryn Johnston
Prayers for those experiencing anxiety as they take their first steps back into the workplace or school or worship.
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