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Hi my name is Jason and I am a teacher. Please pray for me for the strength to teach classes and to handle and manage them successfully this year and to have a great school year Thanks
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Thank you for your prayers. Asking prayers for Judy Alex and her family as her mom Peg Luce passed away last night.
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Linda Perry
Asking for prayer for Patrice Berkheimer who was recently diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer to the brain. Patti has been very fortunate to have been able to get all of her MRI's done and is set to begin radiation today. She will have 10 "whole brain" sessions and then meet with a Gamma knife surgeon to determine if more radiation is needed to some of the larger lesions. Please pray for tolerance of the treatments. Pray too for her continued positive outlook and her faith in God's ability to see her through this. Thanks
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Jan Whitcomb
Please pray for my nephew’s girlfriend Aleks. She is a college student with a cancer diagnosis and has little to no parent support. Further testing will be done this week. Thank you all.
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Keni E Melphis
When it rains, it pours. My brother is having surgery tomorrow. He needs his heart monitored 24/7 until the doctors figure out why he is fainting. Today he needed staples for a head wound that he got when he fainted at home. Also dislocated his shoulder. Kirby and his wife Tori would appreciate your prayers. Thank you all.
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Keni E Melphis
Please pray for my brother-in-law Bill. Last year he lost a kidney to cancer and has since found out the cancer has spread to his heart. He will be having more tests on Monday to determine a plan of action. Please also pray for my sister Kim who will be his caregiver.
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Jan Burrows
Thank you for all of the prayers for my brother-in-law, Wayne. He is home from the hospital and slowly recovering from sepsis. Good is good.
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Cynthia Gorski
My friend Gem is struggling with never ending medical issues including cancer treatment. She is at the end of her rope mentally. Please pray for her healing both physically and emotionally. Pray for God’s healing blanket to wrap around her and bring her healing, comfort and hope.
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I want to let you all know that I am myself been through a lot and I want you all pray for me I’m 20 years old and I’m dealing with mental illness and I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing but days are rough sometimes and I just want prayer from all you guys that will help a lot.
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Sue Karakantas
Anthony, my friend of 50 years, is battling his 4th cancer of his adult life. This time it’s thyroid cancer and it’s aggressive. He learned yesterday that recent surgery to remove his thyroid & lymph nodes did not get it all and he will be making a decision regarding next steps. Anthony is optimistic, having survived so much already and his faith is an inspiration. Prayers for this gentle soul are much appreciated. Thank you.
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Bonnie zink
My friend Rose is dealing with her 4th recurrence of cancer. Treatment options are limited at this time.
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