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Caryn Rufo
Please pray, Mark Elsesser, and his life partner Deb. Mark started out as our contractor and has become a close friend. He has had bladder cancer for about 2 years now, and currently is not doing well. Mark is in his early 50’s and had asked for prayer. Thank you. ?? Caryn Rufo
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Grace House
I'm asking for your continued prayers for my friend Nancy. She was scheduled for 5 radiation treatments on her left lung this past week and the week before, and responded so well that they canceled the last one. She'll be having robotic surgery on Tuesday, April 19, to remove the cancerous part of her right lung. She has a positive attitude, and I have never once heard her complain about any of this. She gives thanks for our prayers and says she can feel the positive energy from us. Please keep her in your prayers.
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Grace House
I have an update on my friend Nancy. Her needle biopsy showed she has a cancerous spot growing in each of her lungs. She will have a consultation with a radiologist to discuss whether radiation or surgery will be the best treatment for her. She is not in pain, and her outlook is positive. Please keep her in your prayers.
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Please pray for my beloved brother-in-law Phil, who is facing cancer surgery on February 4. He is a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather.
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For Dave, who has to have surgery to remove a large mass on the cone of his spine that is pushing on his bladder. Surgery is hopefully going to be this week. He's been in a lot of pain but is in the hospital now with strong pain medicine waiting for the surgery.
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Jim and Shirley Nelson
Jim has Covid and has been moved to the Covid Unit. Mom is in their room in quarantine. She is being watched and tested. Our whole family could please use prayers Thank you. Sandy Nagle and Cindy Sisto
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Jan Burrows
My dear friend, Anne, found out recently that she has endometrial cancer. A care plan has not been set up yet as imaging needs to be done first. Anne, also, is the full-time caregiver for her husband.
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Linda Randall
I have new information with regards to my dear friend, Denisha, and her son Angel. He had a brain tumor and blood clot removed a couple of weeks ago at HMC. Test results have returned showing the tumor was NOT cancer! He is at home recovering from surgery. The condition he does have is called “assymetrical vascular malformation” and MRI’s will be required every three months. Thank you for your prayers, making this a very special Thanksgiving!
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Andrew Onley
Find affordable assisted living facility soon. Find a spouse. Reason, living with parents who have 1. Mom old 95 running down and step dad with Dementia
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Linda Randall
My dear friend, Denisha’s 12 year old son, Angel, is in Hershey Medical Center Childrens Hospital. He had been suffering from terrible headaches and they did an MRI and found a tumor in his brain. He had surgery to remove an Oligodendroglioma tumor and a blood clot on Wednesday of this week. Please keep Angel and his family in prayer as they learn the grade of the tumor and what his prognosis will be.
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Kimberley Murray (previously Swan)
I wanted to let the church and any original members know that my Father, Glenn A. Murray passed away at age 80 in September. We were members during the 1980s when I was in High school and again as a Young Adult. Many years have passed but I wanted to update our original church as we have many fond memories there, singing in the Adult choir with my Dad and performing in Godspell with the Youth Group. I was married there in 1992. Service will be held Saturday October 16, 2021 at Camp Hill Presbyterian Church at 11 am. My Dad was a member and past President of the Harrisburg Choral Society and a portion of the group will be present to sing at the service.
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Becky Kephart
My stepfather, Roy Gorecki, has been diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. He is declining all treatment. My mother, Ruthanna, has Alzheimer's, and this is very difficult for both of them. She is scared of being left alone.
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Sue Karakantas
Thank you for all the prayers for my family. My brother-in-law was discharged from the hospital and is much improved. Everyone else is slowly but steadily improving. Thanks be to God - and to all of you. With gratitude - Sue
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Mary Hagen-Frederiksen
My friend Gary Fuchs (former MPC member?) is undergoing treatment for leukemia in NC.
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Katlyn Spangler
I’m requesting prayers for Adam’s dad, Dan Spangler, who is being evaluated for a suspicious mass in his cheek. We pray for relief from anxiety as they await test results, wisdom for the medical staff at Johns Hopkins, and that the mass is benign.
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Keni Melphis
Prayers requested for Vanessa, a friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a young mother with two small children.
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