Indoor Worship Update

Indoor Worship Update

March 27, 2021

As you know, we have been trying to use this time of being out of the church buildings as a time to get the big projects from our Capital Campaign list done. While we have been largely successful, there are a few items left that impact the use of the Sanctuary, Upper Fellowship Hall, Gathering Area, and Conference Room spaces that we need to be completed before we can safely re-open. These projects are already in progress.

During Monday night's meeting, Session agreed with the COVID-19 Task Force's recommendation that once those projects are complete, the Sanctuary and other areas of the building be re-opened subject to the COVID-19 guidelines and protocols recommended by the Pennsylvania Board of Health and the CDC. We will get more details out when we get closer to re-opening.

Our expectation is that we will be open to some version of indoor, in-person worship in mid-May.

We will not re-open the other spaces in the church to MPC or outside groups until after we have re-opened for worship.

HOWEVER, MPC volunteers working with outside groups (ie: Presby Peelers, Downtown Daily Bread, Hershey Park volunteers, etc...) may continue those activities, following the COVID-19 regulations that have been put into place by those organizations.

We appreciate everyone's patience. We know you will agree that the slight added delay is well worth it, once you see the projects that we were able to complete. If you'd like a sneak preview on some of them, watch the Announcements from the last couple of months of worship services. We tried to move around so folks could see the projects.

Please keep scrolling for the Holy Week and Easter worship schedule!

Peace be with you,
Pastor Kathryn

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