A Few Things That Happened Last Week (6/27 edition)

A Few Things That Happened Last Week (6/27 edition)

Author: kj
June 26, 2021

  1. This Sunday is the last sermon based on the Faces of Our Faith series. We dedicated 16 Sundays to these Biblical heroes, from Adam & Eve to Philemon. We started the series when we were together in the Sanctuary and carried it through Lent of 2020 and then picked it up again as we resumed in-person worship in 2021. Some of the faces were familiar, like Mary Magdalene, whereas others were a bit more... "new to us" - like, Eutychus. Now what? Next Sunday I'm going to freelance with one of my own favorite picks for Faces of Our Faith - the hemorrhaging woman. Then on July 11th we'll begin a 3 week series on Matthew 25. 
  2. Did you know the website has a way to request prayer and a prayer wall?  If you go to "connect" and then click "prayer requests" there's a form there you can fill out with your prayer request. You can then select your privacy setting - do you want the prayer request only to go to the MPC prayer chain? Or to go on the prayer wall without your name? Or to go on the prayer wall with your name? You decide. If you decide to post the prayer it will show up on the "prayer wall" on our website. When you go to the prayer wall, you can click that you have prayed for that request.
  3. Please help out the Fellowship Committee by filling out the Prayer Group survey. Being a part of a prayer group is a great way to strengthen your faith and connect with MPC members and friends.
  4. We began the rollout of being a More Light Presbyterian congregation. Pastor Kathryn's sermon two weeks ago explained why this decision is so important. Watch it here and/or read it here: Faces of Our Faith: The Ethiopian Eunuch (Or Why We Voted to Become a More Light Presbyterian Congregation).
  5. Check out the website - there is a lot to explore and we want to know what you like and what you think is missing.


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